Thursday, 26 March 2009

When Nerves Attack!

Strange, the closer I come to finishing the first draft of Only the Gulls are Content, the more nervous I become and the more convinced I am I have written a pile of poo.

I haven't been helped by technology. The file for chapter seventeen escaped overnight and returned corrupted - that's Brighton for you. Fortunately I had saved an earlier version; nevertheless, all the work of the previous week had to be re-written last week. And of the thousand words I wrote over the weekend, six hundred will have to go into the recycling bin - in the deathly phrase favoured by political commentators, they were not on tune.

I've never been one to climb every mountain, but I have heard tell the last hundred feet are the hardest. Or have I just made that up?

This attack of nerves is familiar. The closer I come to end of any project the more apprehensive I become the quality of my work is just not good enough.

Is it just me? Is it time to visit someone in a white coat?


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

"Publish and be damned!"
Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington

DOT said...

I am damned so I might as well get published.

Anonymous said...

It is probably a mixture of nerves antisipation and self acheivement (I have probably just spelt eveything wrong) look at it in a positive and enjoy the feeling.
Talking of positives my new positive outlook on life - Everybody moans about bad weather, but you couldn't get that lovely cosy feeling if it didn't rain!!! Think about it or the visiting white coat people may run in the family.
Love you Emily xx