Sunday, 15 March 2009

Party, Party, Party!

Don't you just love parties?

David went to a dinner party last night with daughter of V. Famous artist and completely misbehaved.

David and alcohol are such a good combination.

David is fearless in his opinions after a glass or two. Or ten.

David upset other people because of his fearlessness.

David feels no remorse this morning because other people should have more sense than start the evening with a vodka martini.

David is a bit of an arse when it comes to parties but, by God, he is value for money. The question being, of course, the currency you deal in.

I have just been told that not only am I a pain in the arse but proud of it [which I'm not] but I do recognise the fact I cannot stop being me, i.e. a pain in the arse on certain occasions, particularly when alcohol is present.

So who am I to be someone I am not?


Jon M said...

Sounds like you had a good time!!! I guess you can only be yourself!

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Hmmm. In my humble opinion, I think that a sense of personal remorse is actually a good way of helping others to accept you as you are. An apologetic email, phone call, card, flowers or falling on your sword (depending of the severity of your behaviour) can differentiate the quirks of a creative and engagingly eccentric character from a boorish argumentative tosspot to be struck off the invitation list.
For the time being, you are still on our welcome list but have noted your advice re vodka martinis!

DOT said...

I think S&G this post is about remorse. I regret the things I do, and certainly will always apologise, but it is the fact I repeat them that makes me wonder to what extent they are integral to my personality and so a balance to the more positive aspects of me.