Saturday, 28 March 2009


You will be able to deduce for yourselves from these doodles executed while at work how fascinating I find my job. They may also reveal unfortunate traits in my psyche. (Judging by the middle section, I am a frustrated architect of tunnels.)

The first I call duckadoodle, the last cockadoodle.

I invite you to name the rest.


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Perhaps you should make a living from your drawing and just write for pleasure?

DOT said...

Argggh! Don't say that. Any excuse not to write at the moment is excuse enough.

Anonymous said...

You obviously have a fear of your big brain protuding through your very shining (ahem)forehead.

Em xx

Floating Soul said...

Eccentric. Et. Formidable.


DOT said...

Thank you, Em, I will take it as a compliment *cough* xx

Floating Soul, more mad than eccentric. They just demonstrate what a desperate soul I am

Bernie said...

Good Luck with meeting your word goal each day. It can be a challenge but if it's your passion then I wish you all the best.:)