Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Ninety Years Ago

I had two great uncles who were killed in WWI, both were Jesuits. Apparently the mortality rate of Catholic priests was disproportionately high.

These photographs are of the Canadian memorial at Vimy Ridge. They were taken on a field trip when I was studying Literature of WWI at Sussex University The memorial is spectacular. That said I found the regimented ranks of graves in the many cemeteries scattered across Normandy and Belgium, be they a small group of five or six, or thousands as at Tyne Cot, more poignant. Read Girl on The Run's wonderful poem about her recent visit to Ypres here

Boys' Toys

Eager readers will note that I have not blogged recently. This is because I have acquired a new toy, an Acer Aspire One Mini Laptop. It is brilliant. It boots up in seconds, has all the software you need ready installed, includes wifi. And though tiny, it is perfectly useable.

What more could you want? Well, being a boy I have spent four days fiddling with it to download new software and update some of the existing. Its operating system is a stripped version of Linux, Linpus, so fiddling did mean fiddling in the root directory with a system I have not encountered before. However I did find some very useful sites which I list in case anyone else is tempted.

Ten Tweaks for a new Acer Aspire One is the most useful.
This FTP site has lots of software to download.
And the Acer Aspire One Forum is generally helpful - all possible questions are answered in it somewhere though they do take a lot of hunting to find.

Smoking and Drinking

After 20 days without alcohol I had a couple of bottles of wine with Sue over the past two days because she has been staying and it would have been rude not to. But as the no smoking is starting from tomorrow I shall have to return to the wagon till Christmas.


liz fenwick said...

I have the toy in white and love it - it's fantastic for travel - I can even write in economy!!! Enjoy.

Good luck with the no smoking :_)

DOT said...

Sue just sent me this link of a painting called Ghosts of Vimy Ridge by William Longstaff and is now a part of the Canadian House of Commons Collection.

You didn't go for the pink one? I would have done if they'd had one in stock.

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Best of luck with giving up smoking, David. I shall read eagerly about your progress on this blog but promise not to ask you about it when we speak, unless you raise the subject! Is the 'pooter a treat to yourself with all the money you're going to save by not smoking? I covert the self-same thing myself.
Cheers (in a non-alcoholic way!)

Girl On The Run said...

Ah, the shiny blue toy!

well done with the not smoking.

Thank you for the links to my blog xx

Jon M said...

Looks good. Good luck with the non-smoking (hypnotherapy not an option? cured me in 30 minutes ten years ago, never touched one since).

Anonymous said...

Im a little worried about you and your laptop it seems you are a bit of a boffin. Tell "girl on the run" I really liked her poem, very clever yet so simple. loved it.
Good luck with no smoking.
Loads of love Em xx

DOT said...

Always dangerous to spend the proceeds before they are earned - however the toy was under £200

GOTR & Jon
Thanks for the enouragement - am finding the fags a bit of struggle but we will overcome some day.

I am the boffin soon to stop coffin'!
GOTR is very appreciative of your kind comment big kisses from me.