Sunday, 30 November 2008

Have I Got News for You.

For those of you who watched Have I Got News for You this week and so may remember a reference to an Australian, David Thorne, who attempted to pay a utility bill with a drawing of a spider, I offer a link to the complete correspondence that my daughter, Rebecca, sent me a couple of weeks ago. It is here and well worth a look.

For those who don't know Have I Got News for You, it is a weekly satirical swipe at the news that has been running on BBC TV since 1990.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could pay your bills with drawings, songs or poems? I'd be so rich.


Lane said...

Ha! I saw HIGNFY but haven't seen the whole spider story. Wonderful.

do you think the gas board will accept a bit of flash fiction?:-)

corneilius said...

I really really enjoyed that, and may well use it as a ploy to get some joy before I pay the next set of bills!

Value for money, indeed!