Saturday, 4 October 2008

Tech Talk

I have found a very useful toy for bloggers who like to illuminate their posts with images. It is called Skitch and is the quickest means I know to capture, re-size, title, doodle and post images. The only down side is you need a Mac. But, hey, everyone uses a Mac, non?

My trial examples:

(A sketch of a character I play around with occasionally, executed on Skitch - took me about 5 minutes.)

A screen grab captured with Skitch to show the software palette on my desktop.

Skitch is a breeze to use, very intuitive and takes minutes to find your way around. Every review I've read of it has been very complimentary. The software is free and available here. You just have to sign up for an account (again free) and away you go.

Happy posting.


Lane said...

That looks good but sadly no Mac here.

The view from your desk looks pretty good too!

Jon M said...

Everyone uses a mac? Only when it can tell I'm a total technodunce!

DOT said...


The view would be so much better if the ugliest building in the world was removed. Or if I was one flat west (->) and three stories higher. Nonetheless it is not bad.