Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Tea & Typing

I am currently reading a number of classics:
Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë, Penguin Classics, 1995, ISBN 0-14-043418-6
Robinson Crusoe
, Daniel Defoe, Penguin Classis, 1985, ISBN 0-14-043007-5
The Turn of the Screw & The Aspern Papers
, Henry James, Wordsworth Classics, 2000, ISBN 1-85326-069-X

The no drinking is going well and tomorrow I am expecting a call from the Quit Smoking Nurse to give me an appointment.

I am feeling the benefits of not drinking already. I sleep so well now I could compete with my granddaughter in a sleeping like a baby competition and win. I know alcohol interferes with the body's thermostat but had no idea the degree to which it mucked up your sleep.

The second benefit is that I much clearer headed - which may seem like stating the obvious but is still surprising when you have got used to living in a muss.

The third, I have more energy.

And the best is that I have been writing reams. I am now on Chapter Six of my re-write, re-structure. I understand you shouldn't beginning re-writing until you've finished the first draft but in my case it has helped enormously. My maiden draft was heading towards an iceberg and only a mutiny could force the captain to change course.

The only disadvantage is I am turning into Tea Bag Man. Does anyone have a suggestion for a palatable drink that isn't laden with sugar and doesn't cost more than sixpence?


Girl On The Run said...

well done you! Green Tea is good and refreshing, have bought you some good coffee from Belgium. Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

sparkling water is always good and you can always add fruits juice to change the flavour when desired, (vitamin c helps stop cravings for fags), pleased to hear you are doing well not drinking and are already benifiting, good luck with the not smoking, but let me know when you stop so i don't ring you for a month (you tend to get a bit grouchy) only joking good luck, and remember if all else fails just get pregnant its a lot easier to stop smoking and drinking when you are pregnant you crave orange juice (vitamin c) and you can blame your hormones when you get grouchy. On a serious note i'm really pleased for you well done. Em xx

Anonymous said...

Lashings of green/herbal tea & juice are going to get pretty boring. Have you tried spicy Indian tea. It is just plain tea leaves with a qtr teaspoon of Indian spice, go to any Indian supply shop (I live in NZ & have a couple in the small city, but even some of the fruit shops owned by Indian traders will have it on a shelf somewhere - make sure you tell them you want to add it to your tea). I lived in Singapore for a few years as a teenager and while I am european, I loved the spices, so took it up again decades latter. It has a refreshing sting after each sip. Surely the odd red wine (and by odd I mean occasional, but have found the true 'odd' to be just as satisfying) or dark ale is not life threatening - unless of course the drinker is a recovering alcholic. Im new to reading your blog, which by the way is very entertaining, so I dont know the background to the whole no smoking & no drinking situation. Perhaps you are getting "in character" to see how it is to live without the devil's broth, sort of like seeing what life would be like for Inspector Rebus, or Insp Morse - dull but a bit longer I would say. There has not been an update as to your abstinance for 2009 though?