Saturday, 4 April 2009

I'm So Excited (Sung badly out of tune)

I had a good day yesterday. Not only did I write 500 words, which is not bad for a working day, but made the important decision while at work to go for the finish.

My concern has been I would not hit my target of 80,000 words. Thinking about it yesterday, I came to the conclusion that the story itself has to dictate its length. If it is shy of 80,000 words, so be it. Also, because of the way it is constructed, it will certainly creak if pushed beyond its comfort zone.

So I know what happens from here to the finishing line, it is just a matter of writing it.

I can't tell you how exciting a feeling it is to see the tape ahead.


jh said...

Delighted to hear this - if only more writers would come to the same conclusion.

That said, I can't wait for Alan Moore's next novel Jerusalem, which should clock in at 750,000 words. Some things should be long. But most shouldn't.

60,000 is the new 100,000.

Girl On The Run said...

I'm so Glad, I'm So Glad, I'm Glad, I'm Glad, I'm Glad (sung equally out of tune)

Sue xxx

DOT said...

Thanks, John, the idea of 750,000 words makes me feel slightly faint.

I have my fingers in my ears GOTR :)

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

For me less is always more.

Would you think it very bad of me to suggest tweaking the title at this point? You've always counselled that in business, the name is the least of ones concerns.

Only the Gulls


DOT said...

Gabrielle, I don't wish to steal your thunder but had considered the same.

Funny thing about titles, a book needs one, it gives it credibility as you work on it; however, what one names the child once born is something else - I am sure it will end up being christened something else all together. x

Tam said...

This is an important decision to arrive at. Who says we prescribe the length of the story, anyway? Plus, it might lengthen a bit on editing so there's no point jumping through hoops at this stage.

Good luck with your final sprint!