Thursday, 16 April 2009


I am not a great football fan in the sense of one who sways with scarf extended between hands in the stands singing songs badly out of tune. That said, I do enjoy a good game and the match the night before last between Liverpool and Chelsea was one of the best. It was skillful, passionate and respectful with the added bonus of eight goals. My son-in-law, a Chelsea fan, is happy. (I was secretly rooting for Liverpool.)

I went to London over Easter to see my girls and granddaughters. Amy had no insult to hurl at me this time, but young Katie seems to have taken a shine to me as evidenced by this photograph taken on Sunday when the family was assembled at Sue-ex and Richard's for lunch.

Finally, a doodle.

Finally, finally, 1,000 words written yesterday between two shifts at work.


Jon M said...

Well done on the writing front. I'm not much of a football enthusiast either really. In fact I'm NOT at all come to think of it!

DOT said...

Thanks, Jon. I am progressing at the rate of the old lady in my doodle. Perhaps I should buy a writer's skateboard. Still I am getting there.