Monday, 12 January 2009

A Winter's Tale

Life has been full of incidents since I last blogged. There was:

The Incident of the Cussed Computer and Recalcitrant Router

The Incident of the Railway Ticket, Backpack and Train Journey to Deepest, Darkest Bethnal Green.

The Incident of the Delicious Roast Duck followed by the Incident of the Delectable Rack of Lamb

The Incident of the Excellent Bottle of Wine followed by the Incident of Another Excellent Bottle of Wine

The Incident of Mary Poppins and the Sofa.

The Incident of the Expedition in Arctic Conditions to the City Farm for the Pony Ride.

The Incident of Amy's Infamous Insult Aided and Abetted by Her Wicked Aunt Rebecca.

The Incident of the Return to Brighton and the Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth at the Thought of Work.

The Incident of the Reconstituted Computer and Resurrected Router after Days of Oaths and Fist-Shaking

(Apropos Amy's Insult: Having delivered it, she rushed upstairs crying gleefully to her mother, "Mummy, Mummy I just called your father a poohead". Your father, note, not my granddad.)

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Lane said...

Many curious incidents and Amy's insult is impeccably worded:-)