Monday, 11 August 2008

We have Lift Off. (Metaphorically Speaking.)

I have opened my Metaphors & Similes blog with a philosophical piece that came as something of surprise to me.

As I have written, it was inspired by a post by Aqua, who wrote about the significance of metaphors and similes in terms of her coping with her illness. She suffers from Chronic Major Depressive Disorder.

When I originally mooted the idea of the blog on these tropes, I had thought it would be confined to literary examples, however, I think it no bad thing to start with a general discussion about the broader role of metaphors & similes.

What I have to say is intended to be polemical so I do hope people will respond. I don't mind if you tell me I am talking rubbish. My daughters always tell me I talk rubbish and who am I to argue with them?

However, the blog is intended to concentrate on the literary usage of these tropes and I hope people will contribute with their favourite examples - be they good or bad.

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