Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Only the Gulls are Content.

I have had the most productive weekend. (My weekends being Sunday and Monday because of work obligations.)

My darling elder daughter, Rebecca, who is the most intelligent and beautiful person in the whole universe apart from her sister, Emily, who matches her in every respect except for her height, (and the speed at which Emily can talk, which is fast, and we are talking seriously fast), stayed Saturday night. Sue, my other friend, (I only have two) stayed Sunday night.

So, apart from domestic chitchat, we had lots of discussions about my novel. It was really useful in helping me work out the shape and structure of what I have to do. And now I have a crystal clear idea.

I am so excited my fingers are pricking.

I can't wait to get it written. I know I set a deadline of my birthday, 2nd December, but feel sure I will complete the first draft well before. I know myself. Once I get going, I will work long hours till it is done. (I must remember to eat.)

I did have a working title for the book, but both Rebecca and Sue thought it was crap. I took this as a negative response.

However, I was just chatting to Rebecca on the phone, saying how I wanted to find a title, she suggested waiting till I had completed the book, and I replied that Caroline seems to arrive at excellent titles early on which can only help in terms of publicising the book. I said that any ideas she had for a title would be most welcome.

We end the conversation.

Two seconds later she phones back. She was just reading something and there was this phrase that seemed so appropriate. With the minimum of adjustment, it is.

So the title of my book is… drum roll… small fanfare

Only the Gulls are Content

Buy it now while stocks last! And big kisses to Rebecca.


Rebecca O'Connor Thompson said...

Hi Dad,

It is your darling daughter Rebecca. I just read your latest blog and am glad that my genius (obviously not inherited) helped you find a title. For my services I only expect a mere 50% of the royalties.

DOT said...

I think, darling daughter, Rebecca, you will find I have already paid the fee for your contribution.

It was contained in the last line of my blog. I have sent you big bonus kisses absolutely free of charge in full and fair settlement.


Jon M said...

Like the title! Be careful where you hand out those percentages, I've given so many 10%s to my family that there's nothing left!

DOT said...

Thanks for the tip, jon.

Perhaps a better title would have been, The Gannets are Coming!

Girl On The Run said...

or 'The Tide is on the Tern'

Caroline said...

Love the title and yes your daughter is clearly a genius.

I am finding that titles come at different stages. For my latest novel it came after the first draft had been completed, for Black Boxes it was very late on and then the publisher wanted to change it, for ISoA is was before I even started. My conclusion - I guess each piece of writing is very different.

Now write, young man.


Lane said...

You clearly have a very astute daughter! Great title.

DOT said...


Appalling pun! :o)

Caroline & Lane

Despite what Rebecca says, her genius is totally inherited so I claim full credit. But thanks to you both.