Friday, 2 May 2008

Amy's Story Illustrated

I thought I would post the final, well final all bar a bit of fiddling, versions of two of my illustrations for Amy's book.

They took me all Sunday to complete but I hope, now that I know the effect I want to create and how to achieve it, the others won't take me so long.

However, as most of the story takes places under the sea, I can foresee further challenges.

As a postscript, I was discussing the disappearing view of the sea at work with a colleague, a new building that is being erected has finally obliterated the only patch of blue visible from our offices, when he made some comment that has given me the plot for my next Amy book.

This is important as Danny, Amy's father didn't feature in Amy Book One, a weakness of which I was always aware and slightly embarrassed. I don't mind teasing him occasionally, okay, all the time, but excluding him altogether was unfortunate.

But now I have a plot in which he can star with the young Amy so the balance should be restored in the Danny/David relationship. (Well, until Manchester United beat Chelsea in the Champions League Final as I support the former and he the latter.)

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