Thursday, 24 April 2008

HB B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B

Does anyone else enjoy drawing? If so do they find it a struggle to know when to leave well alone?

I completed two more pictures for Amy's Story last night (see my last blog), which, incidentally, still has no title. I then looked again at the drawing I posted last time.

Oh fateful!

Hmm! I thought, Mum's hair looks like a bad hair day. More like a badly fitting helmet day. So… rub, rub rub… fiddle, fiddle, fiddle. And I am still not sure whether it is improved or not.
I shall have to leave it to stew for a time and come back to it to see what I have achieved. Or not.

In the interest of objectivity, I post my two latest drawings. (Or should that be vanity? No, OBJECTIVITY. It does help to remove the subject from oneself to see it clearly. IT DOES. IT DOES. IT DOES.)

One is of granddad, i.e. me, meeting Mum and Amy, the other of Mum and Amy swimming underwater. As before, no background detail has been added.


Anonymous said...

There really good pictures, because it looks like you have a LITLLE MOLE ON YOUR FACE (sorry i didn't mean to shout I hit caps lock by mistake, hope I haven't given you a complex about the mole)you look a bit like Granny Paula, less wrinkles and deffinatly less hair, don't you think? Em xx

DOT said...

Thank you Em, I shall have to have a word with you about spelling some day :) x

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

You have a great drawing style Dave, in witing terms, I'd say you've found your "voice", so don't do too much fiddling (which I've warned you about many times before, it makes you go blind, so I understand) and just draw.
As a present for your granddaughter, it really is something quite special, unique and loving, I'm impressed, you old (bald) softie!