Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Country Matters

This week I am house-sitting for Stuart and Gabrielle, professional permaculturalists, in La Haute Houssais, Brittany, a hamlet so small it is easy to drive straight through and never notice it in your rear view mirror.

While here, I am also chicken-sitting:



And cat-sitting:

I feel I can now justifiably call myself a man of the soil.


Kingsdowner said...

That's a lot of responsibility you've got there...... good luck to you and all the animals.

Girl On The Run said...

Managerie Manor? Hope you are enjoying it and that all the animals survive (-:

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Thank you once more, from the hearts of our bottoms, for looking after our house and animals while we're away. See you Saturday afternoon !

Gabrielle said...

Dr. Doolittle maybe, but you're not a fully fledged man of the soil 'till you've got your hands dirty surely! Nice work though David and we'll see you on Saturday night G x