Thursday, 8 July 2010

Like Bees To Honey encore pour de la bonne chance

I have a new regime… sort of… it's getting there. I now swim in the Regent Swimming pool for thirty minutes in the morning. Suitably drained, I  then cross the square to Brightons award winning Jubilee Library to stare at a blank spot hovering over my netbook for an hour and a half. It seems to be working. I have written nothing worthwhile for the past three days.

However, to the point. Today, while at the library, I picked up one of the few council generated leaflets I have seen of genuine interest. Appropiately enough given the current hysteria over Caroline's rave-reviewed novel, Like Bees to Honey, it concerns bees. (I particularly like Mia Falcon's illustration of a bee in the header.) Herewith:

Now bees are not annoying little metaphors for looking busy to be swotted with a rolled up newspaper, on the contrary, they play a vital role in the economy of this country, viz. this BBC report [I once got told off for misusing viz. and was so flabergasted I never heard the correct use of the aforementioned. Anyone know?]

Overleaf, it mentions the fact there are 24 species of bumblebee in the UK as opposed to the 44 species to be found in France. I only mention this because I think a couple of permaculturalists I know in Brittany should take note. It has nothing to do with the fact I like honey.


Caroline said...

24 species! I am sure I could do something with that... :)

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Another typo: appropiately (missing its "r".
But then a bee-keeper is an apiarist, so maybe it should, more appropriately, be appropiaristly ?