Thursday, 13 May 2010

Less is More or Less

"Dear brethren, I am reminded of the story of the child who never spoke. It is an apocryphal story no doubt, but nonetheless contains a moral, especially for those among us who feel moved to blog.

This child of which I speak was in every other respect perfectly healthily. There was no apparent physiological reason for its failure to communicate. Naturally, its loving parents were driven to distraction by it silence. And what parent among us would not be? Of course, some might imagine such an offspring to be a blessing and wish all children to be so afflicted, but these are wicked thoughts.

As I say, these good people were at their wits' end. They had exhausted every possibility; tried every potion and remedy; visited every expert and every quack to deliver up their child to the ministrations of shamen and witchdoctors, necromancers and wizards, consultants and mime artists, all without result.

Finally, word reached them of an eminent Harley Street child psychologist who, if the rumours were to be believed, could work miracles with the young. He was their last hope. So, emptying their bank balance, they booked an appointment.

On the day, they and their child were ushered into the presence of the illustrious man who was bent over his desk in study. Without looking up he beckoned them in. They stood nervously in a family group before him until he, raising his head, demanded the parents leave. With all their savings at stake, and more, the parents were disgruntled to say the least, but leave they did.

The psychologist indicated to the mute child, now aged seven, to be seated. The child sat. The eminent psychologist returned to his work and for some minutes they remained thus in silence until the psychologist asked, 'Tell me, why have you never spoken before?'

'Because I never thought I had anything worth saying," replied the child.'


JJ Beattie said...

It made me laugh, but I suspect it's really deeper than that.

I try not to think about the idea that I might not have anything more interesting or more intelligent or more... whatever to say. I need to write for me - even if no-one ever reads it but the more writers I communicate with the more I think we're all different. Being read is important to some.

Lane said...

There's a time to speak and a time to stay quiet. Sadly I never seem be able to fathom the right time for either:-)