Sunday, 11 October 2009

Writing: The Way Forward

Somewhere I read that writing is making a resurgence because of the growth of social networking. I can believe it; however, it will have a consequence, not unwelcome, on language. We refer back to Shakespeare as gospel but most in the know understand language or spelling was constantly under experiment during his ungoverned times.

We are going through a similar revolution.

My breeding is of the old school. That said, I am a writer, an artist, someone who is very interested in language and expression, so even if I tend to use the language of my generation to express myself, it is not true of my writing.

I offer an example of a Facebook dialogue between my daughter and friend:

Cast of characters:
Emily - my daughter
Amy - her daughter
Facebook user - female friend
Dan - Emily's partner

Emily Thompson is lovin Amy's hair. yay!!!
User: wht ya done girly xxx
Emily: she's all fringed up and lookin good.
User: cool thought it be ok where did u go ?? x
Emily: headmasters, she always suited a fringe when she was little. i've remembered why i grew it out now though, she looks older, my baby is growing up.
Emily: dan isn't working 2mora so he can have the girls when i go hospital, cheers though
User: ok mate no worries :-) x

So, purists, how do we handle this. To my mind, this is a minor contemporary drama, well communicated and it gives a clue to the global sway on expression the Internet now has.


ChrisH said...

Goodness, this rings a bell! We have constance debates in this house about the way language is evolving and whether or not text speak is a good or bad thing (yes, we should get out more). Even worse, we doing a lot of shouting at the radio/tv at phrases we disapprove of, but language is a living thing, so let it live.

Kingsdowner said...

It does make you wonder where we'll be in, say, twenty years.
Texting was only successful initially because it was free, but now it reflects the speech patterns of our little darlings.

Also of the old school (although we thought we were modern in the seventies), I think it remains important for the 'rules' of the language to be be applied when appropriate.
Even before texting, many peolpe could not see the error in writing 'should of' in a formal letter.

Girl On The Run said...

It a diffrent world innit

Girl On The Run said...

Girl On The Run said...

might be of interest (-:

DOT said...

Chris H I remember similar conversations when I was a teenager. I was regularly questioned on the state of my vowels.

Kingsdowner, I often wonder what I sounded like as a child, the Queen, no doubt.

Thanks GOTR - as you know, Em sounds exactly like Virginia 'cept for the way she speaks. x