Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Saints & Sinners

I had a long conversation with my ex earlier - dear Sue. We were discussing elder daughter, Rebecca, who has a very exciting project to participate as a film researcher in what sounds to me a complex production where, as Rebecca says, her ideas and her creativity are valued.

Her boss, with whom she has worked for a couple of years now, is a man I would love to meet. He is, according to Rebecca, a workaholic who has always encouraged and helped her. He did his best to help her to take on this temporary job - even to the extent of negotiating a very respectful daily fee for her.

As I said, I have never met him but I would dearly love to.

(Like me, he is a fan of Manchester United, though, unlike me, has the money to follow them wherever they travel in search of silver. But that is by the by. And in case I hear sighs, the reason why I follow the fortunes of Manchester United is because I went to a Jesuit boarding school in Lancashire from the age of seven, and most of the boys were from Manchester, so supported what was, in those days, the predominantly Catholic United team as opposed to the Protestant City team.)

As I said to Sue, the creative world seems divided into the those whose egos are so big they cannot look beyond searching for their own image on any reflective surface. And those who will make every effort to promote and encourage others.

Rebecca, as she recognises, is very fortunate. Also, very excited. Fingers crossed the project works out. It is only for three weeks.

On a different matter, yesterday was a brick wall in terms of editing my book. Not a word written or revised. Today, will be different as I think I have a resolution to the block.

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Caroline said...

Good luck to Rebecca...
And- what use are our skills if we don't pass them on?