Friday, 13 June 2008

The Stork Has Landed!

Slightly post the event, I have to announce the early arrival (by ten days) of my second granddaughter, Katie.

She was born at 4.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 4th June 2008, weighing 7lb 7oz – I think.

So, much love and congratulations to Emily, Danny and sister Amy.

(The reason for the delay is that I have been away on holiday in France, of which more later.)


Jon M said...

Congratulations! I'm still struggling with being a parent, the idea of being a grandparent boggles the mind. I am a Great Uncle, though...or so my nephew says! ;-)

DOT said...

Thanks Jon. Being a granddad is like everyone says - all the good bits minus the moody bits.

I wind up Amy, aged three, then hand her back to her mother when things start to get out of control. :)

Caroline said...

Congratulations granddaddy.